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Custom Rims

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Reed's Rims & Alignment is the go-to place for top quality custom rims specializing in products up to 30 inches. Our business in Memphis, TN is where you can find unique, superior quality, and the most affordable rims and tires for your vehicle.

The fastest way to boost the aesthetics of your vehicle and ensure its superior performance is through custom rims. You can always accessorize your vehicle, and boost its looks and speed choosing from our latest customized collections.

Here are some of the known advantages of custom rims:
• Identity and Safety—Nowadays, car theft cases are prevalent, and if you want your car easily and immediately identified, you can always make it look distinct from others. Custom rims could efficiently and surely make your car look more unique than others and easily distinguished for immediate identification. Wheel locks could also make a huge difference.

• Affordable Car Makeover—Sprucing up the looks of your vehicle is an expensive and financially demanding project. However, if you want to go ahead with your venture, you can find a more cost-effective way of revamping your car through custom rims. Accessorize your vehicle and boost its aesthetics without spending all your life’s savings.

• Unique Car Statement—You can always make a statement when you customize your rims. Our specially designed rims can spruce up all car models with our eye-catching, artistic, and unique designs that would definitely make your vehicle stand out in the crowd. Customized rims are great features not just for aesthetics but performance as well.

Reed's Rims & Alignment is the place for your car’s makeover with our custom rims. Our latest collections showcase originality, style, versatility, and high performance among others.

Check out our latest collection of customized rims up to 30 inches and sets of new and used tires.

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